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The Harlots Power Play and Feminism Strategies By Naz Smyth

A new historical drama television on the streaming site Hulu has the media up in arms, said Naz Smyth. It is a controversial period piece based on the prostitution scene in 18th’s century London. Usually with shows about prostitution or the sex trade, the subject matter show women as the victim, as the ones who were forced into the sex trade and have no say about it. Naz Smyth on The Harlots However, this show has a twist. Hulu’s successful hit “Harlots” shows women as powerful, strategy players who put themselves in positions of power with their sexuality. They are empowered to use their bodies to make the best of their lives and change their social status. Naz Smyth and Harlots on [...]

Feminism and Sex in the UK by Naz Smyth

Naz Smyth: The United Kingdom has seen many advances in the world of gender equality. From the sex industry to reproductive rights, women’s issues have gained traction and have become an increasingly important topic among the UK’s population. The human desire for instant gratification comes in many forms–food, clothing, online shopping–but perhaps that which is most linked to primal human instinct is pornography. It satisfies our innate desire for sexual gratification in an instant, with a few clicks of a keyboard or the touch of a remote we find ourselves immersed in another world catered to our most private passions. As with most industries catered towards human consumption, pornography comes with its own set of social and political issues. Much of world’s porn displays acts [...]

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