Naz Smyth:Competition-four CrystalJellies by TaliaYstudio to be won

Competition: Dezeen has teamed up with TaliaYstudio and glassware company Lobmeyr to offer readers the chance to win one of four crystal pendants that double up as analogue photo filters. Congratulations to the winners! Angie Aitchison from Scotland, Sofia Ioannidi from Greece, Adam Nathalie from France and Balla Dora from Hungary. TaliaYStudio, founded by Vienna-based designer Talia Radford, produces interactive designs that propose lighthearted ways to use technology to promote physical and social interaction. CrystalJellies is the newest addition to the existing JellySeries jewellery collection, and has been developed through a collaboration with Vienna glassware company Lobmeyr. Each of the four pieces within the CrystalJellies range were inspired by chandelier pendants, and have been cut using different advanced glass-cutting techniques to create different kaleidoscopic effects. The necklaces were launched as part of [...]