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January 2018

Second week of January 2018

January 16th, 2018|Categories: blog|

This Week in News From North to South America, from Eastern to Western Europe, political movements, technological progress, and individual actions have shaped this week in news. In the United States, the Golden Globes provided a platform for women to make a bold move towards justice in the workplace, and for Oprah to make a speech that some see as the kickoff to her potential presidential campaign. However, the progress represented therein may not get the chance to reach the large population of Salvadoran immigrants who have resided in the US for over a decade, as the Trump Administration has just ended their Temporary Protected Status. Meanwhile, in Europe, Russian hackers have made an attempt to undermine the Olympic anti-doping investigations, to little effect. The [...]

Is Payout for Sexual Harassment Simply Another Business Expense? The US Tax Code Says It Is

January 7th, 2018|Categories: blog|

Sexual Harassment on Capitol Hill Although women in Hollywood were the first to speak up, the #MeToo movement has rattled Capitol Hill. It seems there have always been the likes of Anthony Weiner, and every year or so a new sex scandal brakes. Typically, the Representative resigns in shame. Never to be heard from again. This cycle is one that repeats without fail and without question. However, 2017 was different. […]

News Roundup Vol:3

January 3rd, 2018|Categories: blog|

Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan This Thursday, Kabul, Afghanistan suffered an explosion for which the Islamic State has claimed responsibility. The bomb went off in a Shiite cultural center, killing over 40 people (as the body count stands, now), and injuring many more. This is, unfortunately, only the latest in a series of bombings orchestrated by ISIS to target Afghan civilians. In just the past two years there have been over a dozen attacks in Afghanistan. All of them have been claimed by ISIS. Thursdays assault involved just one suicide bomber. However he or she chose their target strategically, as the cultural center was, at the time, hosting a discussion group in their basement. The United States government has responded [...]

December 2017

News Roundup Vol:2

December 28th, 2017|Categories: blog|

Cardinal Bernard Law, Priest and Pariah, Dies at 86 Former Archbishop of Boston Cardinal Bernard Law passed away on Wednesday, December 20th, at the age of 86. Despite the tendency to remember only the best of the deceased, few are willing to give such leeway to Law. […]

The Clash of Feminism and Religion in Canada

December 24th, 2017|Categories: blog|

By now almost everyone has heard of the infamous polygamous Mormon cult called Bountiful. However, Mormons are not the only group using religion to explain bad behavior. Lately, Canada has been facing another faith that allows polygamy: Islam. Without a doubt, feminism and multiculturalism are clashing in Canada. The question is, will women or religion win the legal war? […]

Sharia Marriage and Its Harmful Effects on Women

December 22nd, 2017|Categories: None|

Between a Rock and a Hard Place If you are a Pakistani woman in England, chances are you have had an Islamic wedding ceremony that was not recognized by the Government. According to the Economist, Britain’s Channel 4 took a recent survey. Out of 1000 married Muslim women, 600 had Sharia only marriages. In this way, thousands of women are trapped in the middle of the legal and cultural worlds. […]

News Roundup Vol:1

December 21st, 2017|Categories: blog|

Terrorism on the New York Subway Continuing the sporadic terrorism that has spread throughout the United States and Europe (not to mention the Middle East), several people were injured by a pipe bomb that was set off on Monday in New York City’s Port Authority subway station. Though five were harmed, nobody was killed in the explosion. The suspect, Mr. Akayed Ullah, survived as well. He is currently being treated for burns in Bellevue Hospital. Ullah used a homemade pipe bomb. Although his choice of weapons failed to do significant damage, the fact that he was motivated by loyalty to the Islamic State leaves a shaken New York populace. President Trump has responded to the attack with a re-emphasis on immigration control. Specifically, he is [...]