Naz Smyth was born in 1986 in London from an Iranian mother and a British father.

After High School she continued her education at the Fine Arts College.  Her freelance photography projects  motivated her to earn a two Bachelor degrees in both photography  and visual Arts from “London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA)”.

Mrs. Naz Smyth began her work as a professional at the age of 25 as a photo journalist with focus on women’s rights issues including women’s right to divorce and violence against women.

She is currently an independent photographer based in London.

She has exhibited her photography in different countries. Her expertise covers a wide range of photographic accomplishments including:

  • Photography in defense of animals’ right
  • Photography about nature and monuments
  • Photography about foods just as an interest
  • Photography in the field of women’s rights and issues in Middle East and around the world

The uniqueness of her photos is reflected in her ability to capture the Essence of emotions, beauty and spirit of her subjects. Naz Smyth is fluent in English, French, and Deutsch. Her multicultural background is showcased in the milestones and celebrations she has photographed.

  • Publish some articles about women’s right in her personal weblog
  • Follow movie critics’ and share the best


  • Photo Exhibition of tribe Colors –California 2015
  • Photo Exhibition at University of Putra – Malaysia 2014
  • Photo Exhibition of 30 Years of Iranian Photography, Paris 2014
  • Photo Exhibition of Difficulties of Being a Woman in Middle East, Germany 2014

naz smyth