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Naz Smyth on LGBT Pride Month Arrived Amid Turmoil, Fanfare

June was Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month. The past few years have seen both gains and losses for the inclusion of these folks into our nation.  The month honors the Stonewall Riots, a big event in the Gay Rights movement. Its recognition falls along political lines. It was celebrated under Clinton, starting in June of 2000. Bush decided to not recognize it through his terms. After, Obama picked up the torch, recognizing the month during all his tenure. Sadly, halfway through June, Trump has not yet recognized the month. (Newsweek) Interestingly, Ivanka Trump tweeted in support. Her post read, “I am proud to support my LGBTQ friends and the LGBTQ Americans who have made immense contributions to our society and economy.”  This [...]

August 9th, 2017|Categories: Human Rights|

News Roundup: Trump Clashes on Climate Change, Temer ‘Hush Money’ Still in Play

It’s been a busy week around the world. Trump’s World Tour Trump has been on a world tour for the past few weeks. His first stop was the Middle East. There, he visited Israel and Saudi Arabia. Afterward, he visited Europe. This portion of the trip included meetings at the Vatican, NATO and the G7. He was met with warmth in Saudi Arabia and Israel, but less so in Europe. In Saudi Arabia, he was able to cement a 110 billion dollar arms deal. They say it may help to empower a “Arab NATO” to fight radical Islamists. However, many are concerned it is a way to buy power in Washington. The G7 and European portion of the trip centered around Climate change. The Pope [...]

August 4th, 2017|Categories: None|

Hush Money: Hastert Once Again in News for Abuse Case

Dennis Hastert is once again in the news for his child abuse case from the 1980s. The former political rep has been embattled in legal trouble for the past 20 years. He was a long running republican speaker of the house. Also, he was one of the highest ranked politicians to ever go to jail. He started out working at a high school as coach and teacher. There, it is contended, he sexually abused a boy. Over the next two decades, he paid the boy hush money to keep quiet about the abuse. (New York Times) Naz Smith, a feminist based on London, spoke on the issue. “Hastert is one of those men who usually get away. We see lots of powerful politicians escape the [...]

July 29th, 2017|Categories: blog|

The Rise of Female Leaders in the United Kingdom by Naz Smyth

 The business world has traditionally been led by men. Women have been pushed to the backburner because they are seen as too “nice”, and they cannot do the dirty deeds necessary to run a business. A good CEO needs to be ruthless, smart, and decisive. Women have been seen as weak, soft, and too forgiving. So, the business world has always filled these leadership roles with men, until now. Just a few decades ago, women were not seen in the boardroom. They were home in the kitchen, cooking and waiting for their husbands to come home. However, the rise of females in power has led to women occupying around 25% of the FTSE boardrooms (We Are The City), a dramatic change from just 50 years [...]

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The Harlots Power Play and Feminism Strategies By Naz Smyth

A new historical drama television on the streaming site Hulu has the media up in arms, said Naz Smyth. It is a controversial period piece based on the prostitution scene in 18th’s century London. Usually with shows about prostitution or the sex trade, the subject matter show women as the victim, as the ones who were forced into the sex trade and have no say about it. Naz Smyth on The Harlots However, this show has a twist. Hulu’s successful hit “Harlots” shows women as powerful, strategy players who put themselves in positions of power with their sexuality. They are empowered to use their bodies to make the best of their lives and change their social status. Naz Smyth and Harlots on [...]

Naz Smyth:The future of global women’s rights under Trump? ‘It could be devastating.’

Trump’s team wanted details about the US State Department’s spending on gender equality, and names of people whose primary function was to promote gender issues. “It wasn’t a benign request,” said Ambassador Cathy Russell, head of the Office of Global Women's Issues in Barack Obama's State Department, whose office fielded the request. "They were looking for the family planning money and the LGBT programming and spending." She didn’t give them the information. Weeks later, President Trump signed an executive order cutting off US funding to global women’s health organizations worldwide if they counseled, referred or advocated for access to abortion. Trump has also threatened to end funding for the UN and specifically the UN Population Fund, which provides contraceptives to tens of thousands of women in Africa [...]

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Princess Diana Royal Rebel Feminism by Naz Smyth

The classic, storybook princess embodies poise, dignity, and a large, billowing dress, Said Naz Smyth. She is constantly on the lookout for a prince to sweep her off her feet, so she may stay at his side forever as a loyal, domesticated wife. Princesses, for so long, have been nothing but an idea of beauty and grace, a hollow shell representing patriarchy and the “ideal woman”. Since the rise of feminism, moms have looked down on their daughters when they act like “princesses”, steering them away from the prissy stereotype and directing them toward more gender-neutral interests. Princess Diana by Naz Smyth However, some see the idolization of princesses as a source of feminist inspiration (National Post,) No longer do some feminist moms [...]

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Feminism and Sex in the UK by Naz Smyth

Naz Smyth: The United Kingdom has seen many advances in the world of gender equality. From the sex industry to reproductive rights, women’s issues have gained traction and have become an increasingly important topic among the UK’s population. The human desire for instant gratification comes in many forms–food, clothing, online shopping–but perhaps that which is most linked to primal human instinct is pornography. It satisfies our innate desire for sexual gratification in an instant, with a few clicks of a keyboard or the touch of a remote we find ourselves immersed in another world catered to our most private passions. As with most industries catered towards human consumption, pornography comes with its own set of social and political issues. Much of world’s porn displays acts [...]

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