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Yousef Al Otaiba, Double Life of UAE Ambassador in DC

United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the United States Hacked Emails Reveal Party Life Luxury trips, sex trafficking and drugs raise question on state of Women in the UAE The Intercept ran an investigation on the United Arab Emirates ambassador to the United States Yousef Al Otaiba. For years, he lived a double life entertaining high-end Washington leaders with alcohol, drugs and prostituted women.  It was not until the two worlds collided in leaked emails that showed the ambassadors lavish lifestyle. Nevertheless, the question was raised on the worth of women in a country where powerful men can get away with almost anything. […]

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War Scare: Trump Ready to use Nukes after North Korean Latest Missile Test

After Last Sunday's launching yet another missile by North Korea, there is a chance of war on the horizon and we can only wait to see how everything unfolds. The Trump Administration has made new sanctions.

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Naz Smyth Divorce! Divorce! Divorce!

Divorce! Divorce! Divorce! Muslim women in India ban sexist divorce law With Urban legends Candy Man and Bloody Mary you speak three words, they appear. Imagine now uttering divorce, divorce, divorce and just like that your marriage is over. This isn’t an urban legend. However, in some Muslim countries, the Triple Talaq permits it. Acts like these go against women’s rights in ways that lessens them as a human. Countries like India are taking action.   […]

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Race Discrimination in Women’s Soccer Leads to “Hush-Money” Deal by Naz Smyth

Race Discrimination in Women’s Soccer Leads to “Hush-Money” Deal Investigation by the Football Association finds no wrong-doing The midfielders for the England female soccer team gather with their team manager. In the meeting, the manager makes a comparison to pressing hard on the field (putting pressure on your opponent that has the ball) and getting a caution (getting a yellow or red card). The manager compares the caution to a police caution, to which he turns to one of the players. To which the manger asked the mixed-race player, “Haven’t you been arrested before? Four times isn’t it?” This remark catalyzed Eniola Aluko to write an eight-page complaint against the manager. A racial remark like this was not the first. Anti-discrimination group have called for [...]

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Britain’s First Historic Interfaith Lesbian Couple Wed

Love once again proves it does conquer all said Naz Smyth. When it comes to love, there are no boundaries. Race, gender, or any other factor shouldn’t affect how you love openly and freely. For Kalavati Mistry and Miriam Jefferson, their religion was not going to prevent them from tying the knot. The couple made history as Britain’s first interfaith lesbian couple after they first met 20 years ago. Mistry and Jefferson first met during training course for an interfaith organization. “I met Miriam when I was approximately 26 years old,” said Mistry to Daily Mail. 'I went to America on a training course and we were doing diversity work and training and that's where I met Miriam Jefferson. Because of her traditional Hindu upbringing, [...]

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