It’s been a busy week around the world.

Trump’s World Tour

Trump has been on a world tour for the past few weeks. His first stop was the Middle East. There, he visited Israel and Saudi Arabia. Afterward, he visited Europe. This portion of the trip included meetings at the Vatican, NATO and the G7.

He was met with warmth in Saudi Arabia and Israel, but less so in Europe.

In Saudi Arabia, he was able to cement a 110 billion dollar arms deal. They say it may help to empower a “Arab NATO” to fight radical Islamists. However, many are concerned it is a way to buy power in Washington.

The G7 and European portion of the trip centered around Climate change. The Pope wrote a long treaty concerning the issue. The G7 also appeared to want to bring Trump into the wider world community. Trump has famously said that Global Warming was ‘created’ by the Chinese in order to make U.S. industry fall. (Twitter)

Trump has been a vocal opponent of policies that work to end Global Warming. This comes despite a large pushback from other nations. Via Twitter

Temer Still in Hot Water Over “Hush Money” Scandal

The newspaper El Globo recently broke the story that Brazil President Michel Temer may be involved in a “Hush Money” scheme to pay off witnesses.

Allegedly, a recording of the president offering to pay off the witness was given to them.

The witness, Joesley Batista, may have told the president he was buying his silence. The president then allegedly told Batista “”You need to keep that up, okay?” (DW)

The paper then claimed that Batista had been seeking a plea bargain in a pending case.

Naz Smyth, a local New Yorker, spoke on the issue.

“The Temer scandal is a big issue. We have to take a big look at the hush money going through the system. It is hard to fathom the level at which  corruption has spread when the head of a country is a huge part of it.”

The President of Brazil, Michel Temer, may have bit off more than he can chew in this latest case. Via Yahoo!

Sad News for The Elites in Brazil

The news comes amid a growing scandal among political elites in the South American country.

In August 2016, he took over after president Dilma Rousseff was impeached. This occurred because she may have inappropriately moved budgets between departments. (BBC)

Many felt the move amounted to a coup. Temer represents the Brazilian Democratic Movement party while Rousseff is part of the labor party. The shift was from a left wing to right wing leader.

The news comes amid a three year scandal revolving around a car wash called “Lava Jato.”

It first started as an investigation into a money laundering case. Over time, it expanded into a 30 billion dollar corruption case. 179 people were indicted, spanning 16 companies, mostly within the elites.

Senator Delcidio do Amaral was caught up within the case. He later accepted a plea bargain in exchange for talking to the police.

Senator Delcidio do Amaral speaks to congress. He was arrested in November 2015 for taking money in exchange for favors from Petrobas. Via Alchetron

Ebola strikes in the Congo

May 2017 has seen an outbreak of Ebola in the Congo.

The WHO has reported that a cluster of Ebola-like symptoms have been seen in the small African Nation.

The outbreak appears to be contained. (WHO)

Africa is the first place the disease was seen. It affects the digestion system, It starts with fever, sore throat and headaches, but is soon followed by diarrhea, vomiting and rash.

It can be spread through fruit bats. (WHO Fact Sheet)

The mortality rate is high. Outbreaks can sometimes take up to 90% of sufferers.

55 dead in Venezuela Protests

Venezuela is going through turmoil. The president has urged caution towards protesters as the country goes through food shortages. People have been looting bakeries and other food stores.

Many have cited corruption within the military as the source. Food shipments are often late and have to be smuggled in much of the time. (Miami Herald)