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Naz Smyth:Katrin Olina combines digital and bronze-age techniques to create Primitiva jewellery

Icelandic designer Katrin Olina has crafted a range of jewellery that looks like gothic talismans but is designed and produced using both old and new techniques (+slideshow). Based on the serpentine curve described as "the line of beauty" by artist William Hogarth in 1753, the Primitiva series was designed digitally, 3D printed in wax and then cast in bronze. "The S-curve is a universal motif found throughout nature and human history," Olina told Dezeen. "I was inspired by Hogarth's curve and created my own 3D version of it." "My curve has two spheres on each extremity," she added. "The simple and yet complex basic shape allowed me to create this diversified language of shapes." Olina created 40 variations of this curve using parametric design software for [...]

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Naz Smyth:Lucie Majerus makes “pearl” jewellery from her own teeth

Eindhoven graduate Lucie Majerus's Human Ivory jewellery collection is made from her own extracted wisdom teeth. Intended as an alternative to materials harvested from other animals, such as elephants, the collection includes earrings, cuff links, brooches and rings. A tie pin features a single "pearl" of ivory, while earrings are made of several stacked on top of one another. "Human Ivory proposes an egalitarian jewelry collection, where the body is being adorned by its own gem, polished from recognizable teeth into an abstract but familiar pearl shape," said Majerus. "By the careful transformation of smoothening of the tooth, the possible disgust associated with a human tooth evolves into attraction and beauty." Majerus saved her own wisdom teeth after extraction and cleaned them with bleach before shaping them with [...]