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Naz Smyth on Hijab: To Ban or Not to Ban

As early as 2010, France has been in litigation over banning face coverings, wrote Naz Smyth on Hijab. That year, a law passed that face covering headgear such as masks, balaclavas, niqabs, and burkas were banned from the streets of France. Women would only wear full face veils if traveling in a private car or worshiping in a religious place. Arguments for the law say that it is unsafe to not be able to identify people with full face coverings, and that it is discriminating against women to for them to be forced to wear face coverings in public (New York Times). In 2016, shortly after the deadly Nice Attack, where a terrorist drove a semi-truck through a crowd on Bastille Day, tensions rose against [...]

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Naz Smyth: From Educating Women to Fighting For Leadership Opportunities

In this day and age, it is a sad truth to witness leadership roles and society’s ideals of female gender roles are not aligned. Leadership qualities are thought to be masculine, while those thought to follow are the feminine. Unfortunately, this outdated ideal is still in place in modern society in the United Kingdom, said Naz Smyth. Take, for example, learning institutions; equal amounts of men and women enter universities, though unfortunately we don’t see the same proportions of men and women don’t leading them. Presently, only one fifth of colleges in the United Kingdom are headed by a female vice chancellor. Another example of this is prevalent in CEO’s. Female CEO’s leads only ten percent of FTSE 100 companies. (The Guardian). Meanwhile, on the [...]

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Fashion’s Haute Couture for Muslim Women by Naz Smyth

Naz Smyth writes As women we are responsible to continuously contribute to the cultural narrative, to speak up on exactly those subjects that limit our freedom said Naz Smyth. This is the moment when it finally feels less like I am pushing my way in, and more like I am finally being saved a seat at the table. Naz Smyth writes about fashion We still have a long journey ahead of us but be encouraged and hopeful knowing that we are a part of an industry that can shine a light on diversity during a time when women need it the most. We can play a part in helping shatter the glass ceiling that has oppressed women in many ways for years.

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Naz Smyth: Pacific Pole Championships Brings Empowerment to Women

Last weekend was the Pacific Pole Championships in Downtown Los Angeles, California. Hundreds of women of all shapes and sizes, of all levels of skill came out to either participate in the competition, or to rally on their friends competing, or simply just to watch the incredible competitors. Naz Smyth London, Pole Sport Organization Competitors Gain Self Confidence by Competing with their Age and Level a pole dancer for two years, competed in this last championship as a Level 3 Dramatic Senior. There are different levels and divisions based on age and skill. For Pole Sport Organization, Juniors cap out at age 29, Seniors starts at 30, and Masters start at 40, and Grand Masters start at age 50 (Pole Sport Organization). Other competitions, such [...]

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Naz Smyth:Pinterest

  I did share my experience of travel, projects, fashion,... in my pinterest page. please visit my pinterest page through following link and share your comment and your own same experience. Travel: Naz Smyth- travel to Moraco Naz Smyth- travel to Istanbul You can also see all photos of my projects and travels in Gallery. Fashion Projects: Jewelry design:   Naz Smyth- Jewelry Design Naz Smyth- jewelry design

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Naz Smyth: “Fashion’s Haute Couture Empowering Muslim Women” by Naz Smyth

Naz Smyth: A shop assistant of the “Irada” confession fashion store, which specializes in female clothing and is popular among women including Muslim believers, works on the day marking Eid al-Adha (Kurban Bairam) in Moscow, Russia, September 24, 2015. Muslims around the world celebrate Eid al-Adha to mark the end of the haj pilgrimage by slaughtering sheep, goats, camels and cows to commemorate Prophet Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son, Ismail, on God’s command. High fashion. Haute Couture. Runway models thin as rails adorned with provocative and revealing garments. Usually when one thinks about high-end runway fashion, these are the images that come to mind. Fashion has always been a reflection of society, and a reflection of a woman’s place in that society, on the [...]

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Naz Smyth:Hijab Gets Haute

Veils have always been a symbol of feminine beauty. Throughout history, in many cultures, veils have been incorporated in traditional clothing. As far back as the Byzantine Empire, women had used some kind of headscarf into their fashion. From the farthest east to the farthest west, veils have been worn as headdresses for all types of occasions. From wedding dresses to dance costumes, and from casual wear to formal, the image of fabric headdresses are no strangers to fashion. However, because of recent history, countries that forcibly make women wear headscarves, and radical Islam, the veil has gotten a bad rap. People tended to see the veil as a violation of women’s human rights, and a way to control them. Countries with Sharia law require [...]

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Naz Smyth:Competition-four CrystalJellies by TaliaYstudio to be won

Competition: Dezeen has teamed up with TaliaYstudio and glassware company Lobmeyr to offer readers the chance to win one of four crystal pendants that double up as analogue photo filters. Congratulations to the winners! Angie Aitchison from Scotland, Sofia Ioannidi from Greece, Adam Nathalie from France and Balla Dora from Hungary. TaliaYStudio, founded by Vienna-based designer Talia Radford, produces interactive designs that propose lighthearted ways to use technology to promote physical and social interaction. CrystalJellies is the newest addition to the existing JellySeries jewellery collection, and has been developed through a collaboration with Vienna glassware company Lobmeyr. Each of the four pieces within the CrystalJellies range were inspired by chandelier pendants, and have been cut using different advanced glass-cutting techniques to create different kaleidoscopic effects. The necklaces were launched as part of [...]

Naz Smyth:Eleftheria Stamati evokes architectural forms with The Mechanics of Black jewellery

Black jewellery collection of Greek artist Eleftheria Stamati's metal necklace pendants resemble outlines of three-dimensional Tetris blocks. Stamati's Black jewellery, named The Mechanics of Black, features different flat shapes formed using thin pieces of metal. The lines are carefully arranged so their angles and varying thicknesses create the illusion of a 3D drawing showing a simple architectural volume. Stamati played with perspective, vanishing points and mathematical geometry to produce the designs. The shapes include cuboids, a cube and various L-shapes, similar to the 2D polyomino blocks – geometric shapes composed of squares connected edge to edge – used in the Tetris puzzle video game. reference: dezeen

Naz Smyth:Ron Arad shows new jewellery collections at London exhibition

The Ron Arad Rocks new jewellery collections! exhibition at the Louisa Guinness Gallery in London brings together old and new work from the Israeli designer, including his latest range of jewellery made from jagged pieces of silicone (+ slideshow). Perfectly Coiled pendant from the Naja collection The Rocks collection is made from slabs of silicone that have been hand-carved by Arad, and feature sections of patterned silk embedded inside. Earrings are made from single pieces, while necklaces feature several sections suspended alongside one another. Free Hand pendant from the Naja collection London-based designer's Naja series of pendants was also created for the exhibition. The necklaces are made from circular pieces of quartz that function as magnifying glasses, and are wrapped in bands of gold [...]