I am convinced that women are very important for our society, because I believe all humans are just the same. Gender is just about the way we look. All the people have the same rights and all the people can learn the same skills or do the same things and so on. There is no superior or inferior person. We are all the same, so to consider that women are not as good as men is very wrong.

We are all humans, so we all have the same role in the society and it’s up to us to do our job. Women can not be inferior just because they’re not men. They can do whatever a man can do. If they can control their actions, just like men, then they can act the same as them.

It is said that women don’t have enough strength to join the army, for example. But I am sure a woman can do that. Because with a little practice, anyone can turn into a soldier. Anyone can learn to hold and use a gun and women have the power to be disciplined and to protect their country. I’ve heard people saying that women are not tough enough to do that, to actually fight. They say we are weak and soft and what they’re actually trying to tell us is that we are too kind for that. We are too kind to hurt people and so on. But those people are very wrong because, as I’ve already said, women can do anything a men can and can’t.

But okay: we really are kinder than men. But we can control that kindness and use it only when it’s necessary. And it doesn’t matter if it hurts us inside, as long as we can perform an action the same way men can do it. So what I am trying to say is that women can actually do more than men, because of that kindness we have. It’s hard for men to watch the kids, a house and to take care of themselves. Because we are more organized and more patient we can actually take care of those little things a man can’t.

But, in my opinion, we are all humans. We are all equals in rights. We all have the same origins and we’ve all evolved the same way, so we all have the same abilities. And it’s up to us to decide which ones are more important, which ones we want to use and which ones we should work on. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, you’re going to do it the very same way. So, as a conclusion, woman is as important for society as man is. There’s no difference at all.